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Excavator (Poclain) Operator Training (6 Months)

Excavator Operator course is very effective manner and providing best faculties as well as this course is very demanding.

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  1.  We have our Own Excavator Machine. ( हमारी अपनी एक्सकवेटर मशीन है )
  2. Complete Practical. ( कम्पलीट प्रॅक्टिकल दिया जाता है )
  3.  We are giving Dumper driving in free. ( फ्री मे डमपर ड्राइविंग सिखाया जाता है )
  4.  We are giving dumper loading and unloading. ( एक्सट्रा डमपर मे लोडिंग - अनलोडिंग सिखाया जाता है )
  5.  We are also giving the maintenance of Excavator. ( एक्सकवेटर का पूरा मेंटेनेन्स सिखाया जाता है )



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